Membership in NHS requires completion of three semesters in high school.  Students must have completed a full semester at Verrado to be eligible.

The first requirement is Grade Point Average (GPA).  Sophomores must have a 4.0 or higher GPA, juniors a 3.85 or higher GPA, and seniors a 3.80 or higher GPA.  Transcripts are evaluated each year after Fall Semester grades are posted, and students who meet the GPA requirement receive an application.

The second requirement is prior service, leadership and participation in school, community or church.  Applicants must have a certain number of "points" (depending on their grade).  Points come from participation in sports, extra-curricular activities, clubs, student government, service organizations, and work in service projects in community or church.  Additional points are garnered for participation in a leadership capacity.

The third requirement is character.  Applicants will undergo a review of their school disciplinary record, and school faculty and staff are asked to provide input on each applicant.

Students who meet all qualifications as determined by the Faculty Council are invited to join NHS and participate in an induction ceremony in early Spring.

Once students are inducted, they must accumulate 100 points every year through participation in NHS fundraising and service projects, continued participation in sports, clubs, student government, leadership/service organizations, individual service projects, etc.

NHS members receive special recognition at graduation, and wear NHS honor cords as part of their graduation regalia.