Thursday, Sep 18, 2014

Now students can upload their personally shot pictures directly to our yearbook database for possible usage in the yearbook.  Students can submit any school related and appropriate pictures and we will incorporate as many as possible into the yearbook.  It's simple, fun, and students will be able to help in creating a yearbook that truly represents the students.

All pictures must adhere to the following guidelines:

- All pictures must be school appropriate and can not violate any student expectation expressed in the Student Behavior policies found in the student handbook. Appropriate disciplinary action will be incurred to any picture that does not follow this guideline.

- Pictures may only include students and faculty of Agua Fria High School.

- Pictures submitted may not be of off-campus locations unless the location is a part of a school-related event (Prom, Sporting Event, Fundraiser, etc.)

It's Simple!
Directions for Uploading:
1. Visit or download the HJ eShare app for your smart phone.
2. Input the school identification number: 2060869
3. Fill in ALL of the required information

4. Browse and upload your picture file!
5. Fill in ALL of the information fields (not doing so will keep you picture out of the yearbook)
6. Submit!

All pictures will be placed in a yearbook database for previewing and accepting.  Not all pictures will be used, but we are planning on using as many as logically possible.  Help make the yearbook yourbook!