Officers of Japanimation Through The Years

Officers of 2011-2012
President: Alex Will  
Vice President:

Officers of 2010-2011:
President: Alex Will
Vice President: Caitlin Gomez
Treasurer: Sloane Koogle
Public Relations: Ashley Holler
Photographer: Gloria Castellanos
Officers of 2009-2010:
President- Josh Lovely
Secretary- Alexandria Will
Vice President- Brendon Johnson
Webmaster- Kevin Clark and Obediah shields
Officers- Alexis Martinez , Brandy Bernal, Caitlin Gomez


If you need any assistance please feel free to contact any of this years officers.

Our Goals For This Up Coming Year Of 2011-2012

[✔] Chose Mascot for year 2011-2012

-On April fourth 2011 at 4:05 in C2, Mr. Brislin's room. A Red Panda was decided to be Japanimation's Club Mascot.

[ ] Design Club Logo

[ ] Create Design for Club T-Shirts

[ ] = Not Yet Accomplished
[✔] = Accomplished