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The Agua Fria Foundation

  The Agua Fria Foundation, is pleased to announce the availablity of grants for the 2009-2010 school year. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded over $300,000 to over 300 teachers and staff of the Agua Fria Union High School District.  While $1500 is the average grant request, individual grants of up to $3,000 have been awarded for high impact, innovative programs.

Funding Guidelines  

Purpose of Projects:
The grant project should enhance the educational and curricular objectives of the Agua Fria Union High School District. The Foundation seeks to support qualified projects which lack sufficient District funding and which otherwise could not be implemented. These projects and programs must demonstrate the potential to positively impact student learning and must be consistent with District goals.

Funded Programs
Programs funded by the Foundation must be innovative, must enrich the learning environment, must promote creative thinking, must directly involve students and encourage student success, and must have lasting value. 

Eligible Applicants: Teachers, Administrators and Staff within the Agua Fria Union High School District.

Amount of Funding: While the average grant award is $1500, grants have been funded up to $3,000.

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted year round. Complete grant proposals are due to the Foundation Grants Committee Chair on the first day of the month prior to the board meeting when the project will be considered.  For example, applications are due on September 1 to be considered at the October Foundation meeting. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant and may be resubmitted. The Grants Committee Chairperson will acknowledge the receipt of the complete application package and advise the project coordinator of the date the grant proposal will go before the Foundation for consideration.  

Review Process: All applications are reviewed by the Grants Committee Chairperson, the Grants Committee and the Director of Curriculum. Careful consideration is given to each grant request. All requests for funding are submitted to the Foundation board for consideration.  The grant applicant will be notified when the proposal will be reviewed by the Foundation and invited to make a brief presentation to the board about the project for which they seek funding.

Award Announcement: The grant applicant will be notified within 24 hours following the board meeting. 

Evaluation Procedures: The Grants Committee Chairperson will contact each grantee 30 days prior to the stated end date of their project.  At that time all unexpended funds will be reviewed.  All unexpended funds will be returned to the Foundation 30 days after the end date of the project. 

Important Application Information:

  • The grant applicant may submit more than one application for a grant award per year. However a second grant request would only be funded for a very special project or funding need which might arise during the school year.
  • The project must have a significant impact on as many Agua Fria Union High School District students as possible.
  • The grant will provide seed money to start a new program or special project. Priority may be given to projects that are co-funded by other sources. The Foundation may help to find such co-funding sources in advance.
  • The grant application must contain all required information including an itemized budget of projected expenditures, grant project objectives and a description of the program.
  • The grant applicant and their school principal must sign the completed grant application. A signed hard copy as well as an electronic copy must be submitted to the Grants Committee Chairperson. Applications are not considered complete unless both electronic and hard copies are received.
  • Funds may only be used for approved expenditures.
  • All unexpended funds are returned to the Foundation 30 days following the end date of the project.
  • Extensions to the completion date may be granted due to delays and other factors beyond the control of the project manager.

Grant Applications: Grant applications and instructions are available  through the attached document or at the Agua Fria Union High School District office. For applications and a dditional information on the Agua Fria Foundation Grants Program contact

Agua Fria Foundation