Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014

Attention NHS Candidates!

Students meeting the minimum requirements for inducation into the Praestantia Chapter of the National Honor Society at Agua Fria High School may begin applying in the Spring semester of their Sophomore year. Inductees are chosen by a five member Faculty Council. All applicants will receive a letter from the faculty advisors informing of the council's deciosion prior to induction.

Applications are alway due on the last Friday of January. Any late or incomplete applications will not be accepted for review by the Faculty Council.

Candidates Meetings

All potential candidates are required to attend 2 meetings presented by the faculty advisors. In these meetings application materials will be distributed and explained, and all questions will be answered. Questions not asked during this time may be answered by the advisors during the school day, at their discretion. Do not expect them to make extra time to assist you if you have not attended these meetings.

Application Process

Below you will find the documents necessary to complete the application, as well as, a sample completed application packet. Carefully complete each section in the proper format, and submit the completed application by 2:30pm on the due date. Remember, late and incomplete applications will not be considered.


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