Activity Buses will load students in the following locations:
Schools Daily Routes Trips during dismissal & arrival  Tutor Bus
AHS Regular Loading Zone New Gym Regular Loading Zone
DHS Regular Loading Zone  Tennis Courts  Regular Loading Zone
MHS Regular Loading Zone North side by Gym Regular Loading Zone
VHS Regular Loading Zone West Side Regular Loading Zone

Please specify in the comment section of E-field trips if you want to be picked up or dropped off

at any other location than what is indicated above.

Common Questions :

1 . On an activity trip after school, where can students be loaded or unloaded?
This can really be anywhere except for in the street.  Please keep safety in mind when making this decision.

2 . What is the hourly rate charged for using a school bus on an activity trip? What is the rate per mile?
$16.45 per hour.  $1.25per mile.

3. Is there a different charge for a Special Needs activity trip?
Yes.  The Special Needs Driver rate is $17.35 per hour, $1.25 per mile.  If
students in wheelchairs will be transported, a Special Needs Transportation Bus Assistant will be assigned at $12.60 per hour.


Charter Buses 2013

1.  Use of District school buses must be first consideration on any trip associated with school sites. The Transportation Department will try to accommodate every school bus request, but reserves the right to deny the use of charter bus requests by school sites. NOTE: The use of District owned buses provides a cost savings to the District and provides additional income for our bus drivers.

2. If a charter bus is requested by a site it must be at least 30 days before the departure date. The Transportation Department will make the final decision on whether to charter a bus or use a District school bus.All charter buses must be reserved through the Transportation Department only. 

3.  Overnight trips or trips beyond one hundred fifty (150) miles distance from the school must have the Superintendant's approval.


The factors the Transportation Department will take into consideration are:

  • Availabilty (drivers, buses, etc.),
  • Location (more than 160 miles),
  • Number of participants,
  • Weather,
  • Overnight trip (hotel room must be provided for the bus driver and an itinerary of the trip must accompany the request form),
  • Out of state,
  • Cost

NOTE: Playoff games will be paid in full by the Transportation Department/District. The Transportation Department will determine if a charter bus is necessary based on the above factors.


When a charter bus is requested by a site and it's in the best interest of the Transportation Department to charter a bus, then the cost of the charter bus will be split accordingly between the Transportation Department and the school. For example, if the cost of the charter bus is $775.00 and the normal cost to the Transportation Department for that trip is $575.00, then the difference of $200.00 would be covered by the site.

Process When Requesting Charter Bus

Site contacts Transportation Department requesting a charter bus.

A) If the Transportation Department determines that a charter is not necessary

  • Transportation Department contacts site of decision


B) If the Transportation Department determines that a charter is feasible

  • Transportation Department gets a quote for a charter bus
  • Transportation Department sends a quote for site review
  • Site reviews and creates a PO for entire amount, showing split amounts
  • PO is sent to Transportation Department to reserve charter bus