Thursday, Sep 18, 2014

Cadet Teams give an added dimension to the Corps that make it more fun, entertaining, and educational.



Drill Team is offered as an extension of the AFJROTC basic curriculum for those cadets who want more from the program than the Aerospace course offers in terms of drill, ceremony, and public performances. Drill team, through its components, is the most visible part of the corps. To many people the drill team members are the corps. Consequently, added emphasis is placed on appearance, attitude, attendance, and drill performance. Drill team categories of competition include armed, unarmed, and color guard.


The Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS) is the Air Force Junior ROTC equivalent of the National Honor Society. To be eligible to become a Kitty Hawk member, a cadet must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.35 and be nominated by a member of KHAS, and one of the AFJROTC Aerospace Science Instructors. Kitty Hawk members are required to perform community service. Active members are awarded the KHAS Badge and have the opportunity to attend the national KHAS convention in Daytona Beach, Florida during the summer break.


The Awareness Presentation Team (APT) is composed of five to eight cadets. This select group makes presentations at local junior high and elementary schools. The presentations are three to seven minutes in length on topics about drug abuse, dropping out of school, avoiding fights, etc. APT members are selected by the SASI based on their academic standing, verbal skills, appearance and attitude. The APT members serve as role models for the students of the schools they visit. APT visits to schools are coordinated with the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor and school principal. The APT Team Badge is awarded to members who have made one or more presentations.