Desert Edge High School

Desert Edge High School has been very busy this past year with their population of 1,633 students.  They have installed a new bus loop and their new Greenhouse has been a wonderful addition to their Agriculture studies. Their chillers has also been refurbished.

Millenium High School

Millenium High School has approx. 2,193 students attending their school.  The new Building T addition is a great relief with 22 classrooms and 33,000 square feet.  MHS also has  Building U with approx. 11,000 square feet that holds a new locker room and gym lobby.  On the outside there is a new ramada to provide plenty of shade. They also have a new 2,700 square foot dinning room.

Agua Fria High School

 New 4,000 square foot Agua Fria girls locker room The front of Agua Fria high school has been remodeledSpecial Eduational Services now has 6,040 square feet of classrooms which include a fully equiped kitchen for the students to learn life skills


      Verrado High School

Verrado High School is now the second largest school in our district with approx. 1,733 student.  The addition to the east side of the school buidling now houses their new fully equip weight room.

They also have install new outside gates for security. 

  Through out the district we have installed new fencing and camera's for security purposes.