The Agua Fria District Career Ladder Program is designed to assist teachers to advance to a career level that incorporates the Career Ladder competencies of:

  1. Student Achievement
  2. Evaluation--Instructional Skills
  3. Higher Level Teaching Responsibilities
  4. Professional Development

Student Achievement component includes four options. All units must include pre/post assessments, student outcomes and student achievement goals. Teachers must document student progress based on the achievement goals.

Evaluation of teacher performance will include the Agua Fria District Evaluation of Professional Staff Instrument, which is the instructional evaluation instrument used by the district, and the Career Ladder Peer Observation Rubrics.

Higher Level Teaching Responsibilities : Career Ladder participants are expected to complete higher level teaching responsibilites appropriate to the level and step at which they are placed on the Ladder. Higher level teaching responsibilities are activities, completed for no additional compensation, to benefit school programs. Teachers are able to choose from a menu of activities or submit a proposal to the Steering Committee for approval.

Professional Development : Career Ladder teachers are expected to continue to develop and improve themselves professionally by participating in staff development, workshops and/or other educational programs that explore innovative ways to teach and enhance student achievement. All participants must observe other teachers yearly in order to develop new teaching strategies or evaluate other programs.

*Career Ladder considers Student Achievement the primary component. No compensation will be awarded if students do not demonstrate the student achievement goals based on the established criteria.