Career Ladder - Contact Information

Below is the list of Career Ladder personnel to help assist you with questions you may have about the program.  Follow the link at the bottom of the page to the Career Ladder website for further information and documents.

Career Ladder Facilitators:

Angela Butler

Linda Phillips
Voice Mail: 623.932.7300 ext. 11166

Career Ladder Peer Evaluators:

Sondra Davis
Voice Mail: 623.932.7300 ext. 11120

AFHS, J-14 

Lisa Brainard
Voice Mail: 623.932.7300 ext. 11106


Jed Littrell
Voice Mail: 623.932.7300 ext. 11024


Darla Ford
Voice Mail: 623.932.7200 ext. 12101

MHS, 107

Julie Vastine
Voice Mail: 623.932.7200 ext. 12091

MHS, 104

Kari Silver 
Voice Mail: 623.932.7500 ext. 13062


J.T. Humber 
Voice Mail: 623.932.7500 ext. 13130

DEHS, A-12

Jamie Sue Burgess
Voice Mail: 623.932.7400 ext. 14075

VHS, D-6

Cynthia Messieha 
Voice Mail: 623.932.7400 ext. 14057

VHS, B-7 

Career Ladder Administrator:
Lexi Cunningham
Voice Mail: 623.932.7116

Career Ladder Newsletter: Angela Gramlich
Voice Mail: 623.932.7300 ext. 11101