Monday, September 29, 2014


Need to call your student in absent?

Call 623-932-7200, wait for the prompts, and dial extension 2013 or 2014. 



Welcome to the Attendance Office Website


A student is NOT EXCUSED  in the following situations

* Failure to attend school without proper authorization, * Leaving school without signing out through the attendance office, * No parental notification given to the school for the student's absence, * Unauthorized absence from a class, * Missing the school bus.  


Attendance Office Procedures

* On the day of the absence, a parent/ legal guardian must notify the school's attendance office.  Notes from parent/ guardian will also be accepted, but must be presented to the attendance office BEFORE THE 1ST SCHEDULED CLASS

* Students who have 10 consecutive days of absences in all classes WILL BE DROPPED from school for non-attendance.

*Students who have permission to leave campus during the school day MUST SIGN OUT THROUGH ATTENDANCE before leaving.

*The attendance office will often take up to 10 days to enter all school business (SB) activities.