Pictured left to right: Mr. Tom Rosztoczy, President; Mr. Chad Waltz, Member; Ms. Maxine Hill,
Member; Mr Richard Ahern, Member

Not pictured: Mr. David Schwake, Clerk

The Agua Fria Union High School District is governed by an elected board who serve four-year terms. The five members of the board dedicate numerous hours of unpaid service to the District.

Governing Board meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month at 5 p.m. (Please refer to the schedule of meetings.)  The meetings are currently held at the Agua Fria Union High School District Office located at 1481 N. Eliseo Felix Jr. Way, Avondale.  During regularly scheduled meetings, a "Call to the Public" offers individuals in attendance the opportunity to address the Board if they desire. The meetings are open to the public.

The seated Governing Board and its officers for the current school year include: 
  • Mr. Tom Rosztoczy, President
  • Mr. David Schwake, Clerk
  • Mr. Richard Ahern, Member
  • Ms. Maxine Hill, Member
  • Mr. Chad Waltz, Member