SchoolCenter Picture Agua Fria Union High School District is a growing district that has a history of excellent parent involvement. Adult volunteers have a positive impact on the school district, helping our schools and programs run more efficiently. Parents who volunteer at their students school send a message that they value education. Parents volunteer at our schools in various capacities, such as band boosters, football boosters and basketball booster clubs. There are also clerical, coaching and sporting events that welcome adult volunteers. Any extra curricular activity that the school may offer always welcomes Parent Volunteers.

Getting Started

If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer at any of our four schools, you must come into the District Office and fill out a volunteer application, be fingerprinted and pass a background check. The District Office is located at 1481 North Eliseo Felix Jr. Way, Avondale, Arizona 85353.

The process can take two to seven (2-7) weeks to complete. Please be patient and plan accordingly as you will not be able to volunteer with the students until the process is complete. Adult Volunteers must be atleast twenty (20) years of age to volunteer.