Maintaining Your Membership

After you are inducted in the spring, you must complete the following requirements by the end of the following school year.

1) You must maintain your cumulative GPA at 3.80 or higher.  A GPA check is performed with the registrar's office at the end of each semester.  NHS members who fall below the minimum are placed on probation for one semester.  Failure to meet the GPA minimum at the end of the probationary semester results in permanent loss of membership.

2) Avoid disciplinary infractions.  Members who receive a school disciplinary referral for alcohol, tobacco or drug use will automatically have their membership revoked.  Disciplinary referrals for academic dishonesty, ditching or fighting will result in an appearance before the Faculty Committee and possible loss of membership or probationary status. 

3) Attend all monthly meetings.  Members are allowed two unexcused absences.  The third absence automatically results in loss of membership.  Excused absences are for a) illness or b) school event participation such as athletics or field trips.  Employment is not considered an excused absence.  Members need to inform the chapter advisor or an NHS officer that they cannot attend ahead of time if at all possible.  Meetings are usually held the 2nd Monday of each month - a list of all meetings is distributed at the first meeting of each school year.

4) Accumulate 100 membership points.  Members are required to participate in two NHS fundraisers and three NHS "sign-up" events during the school year.  Members receive three points/hour for fundraisers and two points/hour for NHS sign-up events.  Members can also receive points for club and athletic participation.  The remainder of the points must be accumulated through community service.  Members receive 1 point/hour of non-NHS community service.  Members are encouraged to accumulate community service during the summer months.  The NHS adviser also provides information on organizations which offer continual opportunities for service.