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The mission of the SUCCESS Seminar is to provide a positive, individualized and multifaceted program to ensure student success.  Students will participate in an academic program which will include a motivational behavioral system based on a leveled token economy system.  The staff at Desert Edge will give students the tools to succeed; however, the responsibility of success ultimately lies with the student.  We will accomplish this mission by achieving the following goals:


·   To develop a learning environment meeting the unique needs of the individual student.

·   To maintain open, positive communication and partnership between students, parents, community agencies and staff.

·   To assist students in developing coping and problem solving skills to allow them to meet life’s challenges in a positive manner.

·   To develop personal responsibility.

·   To help students create a realistic and positive self-image.

·   To encourage students to have respect for authority.

·   To assist students and parents in transitions from one educational setting to another.



1. Be on Time and In Your Seat

2. Respect Yourself And Others at ALL Times!

3. Use Appropriate Language

4. Keeps Hands, Feet and Objects to Yourself

5. Stay In Your Seat (Raise Your Hand If You Need To Get Up)

6. Electronic Devices Must Be Turned in Daily (Unless on Appropriate Level)  

7. Be Ready to Learn at ALL Times!






2.Meeting with Teacher

3.Lunch Detention

4. Phone Call Home

5. Referral

6.In/Out of School Suspension



**Some Incidents May Warrant

Skipping Steps of the Consequence Cycle**






Token Economy System:

Defined: A token economy system is a form of behavior modification designed to increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behavior with the use of points.  Students will receive points immediately after displaying desirable behavior.  The points are collected and later exchanged for a range of positive interventions.


The SUCCESS program is based on a 5 level token economy system.  Every day the student is present at school, the student will have the opportunity to earn 100 points.  These points will be based on satisfactorily achieving a behavior over a predetermined time period. 




A student’s progress through the level system is determined by their weekly point average.  Students must move from one step to the next as their weekly point average improves to meet the criteria for the NEXT LEVEL.  A week is defined as (5) days of attended school.  Unexcused absences will result in zero point earned for the day.  New students will enter the SUCCESS Seminar on Level 1.  The steps progress as follows:





Number of Weeks

Percentage Needed

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5









As the students’ progress through each level, they will earn increased privileges and responsibilities.  The following is a list of privileges they feel are appropriate upon the prior approval of the program director. 


Level Privileges

Level 1

No Privileges

 Monitored 100%

No FREE Time at Lunch/Lunch with Mrs. Nanchy

Must Turn in Electronics Daily


Level 2

Lunch Time with Classmates and Staff

“Edge Time” (Games, Computer Time when Allowed)

Must Turn in Electronics Daily


Level 3

All Level 2 Privileges

2 Water Breaks (Unsupervised)

Entered In To Weekly Raffle

Use of IPOD During Work Times ONLY


Level 4

All Level 2 Privileges

All Level 3 Privileges

Transition between Periods (Unsupervised)

Lunch Out in the Cafeteria (Unsupervised)


Level 5

All Level 2 Privileges

All Level 3 Privileges

All Level 4 Privileges




**Transition to Mainstream Classes OR Elective Class may be considered

after 9 or more consecutive weeks of level 4 behavior**





The SUCCESS Seminar adheres to Agua Fria Union High School District calendar and attendance policy.  Attendance will be reported daily.  Students are expected to be in school every day.  Absences will be considered excused for personal illnesses, death of a family member, observation of a religious holiday, court or other legal processing. 


If a student is absent more than (10) days in one block, he/she may not earn credit per program policy.


When a student must miss school, a parent or guardian should notify the office by 8:45 am.  Please call the Desert Edge Attendance Line.  Guardians will be notified in a timely manner if their child is absent from school.



All students are expected to be in class on time.  Students who arrive late will not earn participation points for the amount of time missed.  Tardies will be excused if there has been a bus transportation problem or if parents or guardians call the school or send a signed note explaining the tardy. Unless the excuse is from a health care provider or court, points will not be granted.  Chronic tardiness or absence may result in a review of placement meeting with parent/guardian.  In addition, students may receive an attendance contract, referral to Juvenile Court for truancy or possibly being dropped per district policy.