Sunday, Sep 14, 2014
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1.0   To introduce the students first to Spanish as a spoken language, and then to provide reading and writing as cultural material is introduced.

2.0   To provide more advanced work in speaking, reading, writing and cultural understanding of Spanish.




1.1   Each student will express certain Spanish phrases that will begin his development of the Spanish language.

1.2   Each student will recognize cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world, especially México.

1.3   Each student will demonstrate his ability to read and write certain beginning Spanish phrases.

2.1   With more advanced principles of the Spanish language, each student will express certain Spanish phrases that will demonstrate his proficiency in the new area.

2.2   Each student will recognize new cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking worked.

2.3   Each student will demonstrate his reading and writing ability concerning the advanced material covered.



  1. After each individual lesson and unit is covered, the students will be given an oral exam as well as a written one.
  2. The students will be responsible for specific everyday vocabulary, language patterns and they will be expected to answer questions in complete sentences utilizing their knowledge of the Spanish language.

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