Monday, Jul 28, 2014


Agua Fria High School

530 E. Riley Dr.

Avondale, AZ  85323

Teacher:  Ms. Hewitt

Phone: (623) 932-7301 Ext. 11057



Course Description:

Welcome to Read 180, a proven successful reading intervention program! Read 180 is a research based intensive reading intervention program.  Read 180 is designed to address the specific needs of struggling readers by utilizing relevant and exciting software, small and whole group direct instruction, and modeled and independent reading.  Students rotate and work daily in each of the three Read 180 areas.  Students may enroll in the Read 180 program for both semesters. 




  A = 90% and above

B = 80% - 89%

C = 70% - 79%

D = 60% - 69%

F = 59% and below








Bell Work


Read 180  Computer Reading, Spelling, Word, and Success Zones, Computer Book Quizzes



Read 180 “R” book assignments




Final Exam, Tests, Quizzes


Class Assignments





Classroom Rule:

“Be Appropriate”


As students rotate to the different stations in the classroom, they are expected to display the “appropriate behaviors” needed to experience academic progress and success.


If students choose not to follow the rule and classroom rotations:

1.  Verbal contact.  The student and I will discuss behavior.

2.  Verbal contact and explanation of possible consequences.

3.  Verbal and parental contact.  Possible request to meet with parents.

4.  Disciplinary referral.

* Disciplinary steps may be skipped if a student’s actions are severe


The three major components to the Read 180 program are:


1.  Student Reading Blocks:  During this period of the rotation students choose and independently read a book or listen to an audio book from the Read 180 library. Students complete reading logs, quick writes, and graphic organizers to building reading comprehension.


2.  Student Computer Blocks:  Students are required to use the Read 180 computer program on a daily basis.  Students are placed at levels based upon their individual lexile reading scores.  Students start off in the Reading Zone and progressively move through the Word Zone, Spelling Zone, and Success Zone.


3.  Teacher/Student Instructional Blocks:  Direct instruction in whole and small groups.  Students complete work in the Read 180 “R” book. 



Tardy Policy:

If students are “swept” it is their responsibility to see me for missed work.



Homework Policy:

Due to the wide range of academic skills in the classroom, most assignments are completed during the class period where the teacher is present to monitor.  Some homework may be assigned to reinforce learning and provide additional practice.  Assignments not completed in class may be given as homework which should be handed in the following day.


Students who are absent from class may be given their make-up work as homework.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for make-up work.  If the absence is excused, the assignment will count toward the final grade.  Work missed due to unexcused absences will not be allowed to be made up.  Students may attend after school tutoring for assistance in completing make-up assignments.