Thursday, October 2, 2014

CTE (Career & Technical Education) Reading
English Science
Fine Arts Social Studies
International Languages Special Education
Math Transition
Physical Education Visual Arts


AGRICULTURE:  Learn a variety of aspects about Agriculture such as Land and Turf Management, Ag Mechanics, Animal Care.  (INSTRUCTORS--STEVENS & GAGE)

ATHLETIC TRAINING:  Learn various methods and treatments for Athletic Injury and Prevention.  (INSTRUCTOR--BOBIER)

BROADCAST TECHNOLOGY:  Learn about Broadcast Industry, recording video, editing and develop MTV show for campus.  (INSTRUCTOR--TANG)

BUSINESS:  Learn about basic business principles and career preparation.  (INSTRUCTOR--MILLER)

COMPUTER MAINTENANCE & REPAIR:  Learn the inner workings of a computer, how you can fix and install various soft and hardwares.  (INSTRUCTOR--LEIN)

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION:  Learn how to safely care for infants, toddlers and various careers related to Early Childhood. (INSTRUCTOR -- WARNER)

CULINARY ARTS: Learn basic cooking preparation skills. (INSTRUCTORS--CONTRERAS & ROBBINS)

EDUCATION PROFESSIONS:  Learn about the profession of education, what it takes to become a teacher of various grade levels.  (INSTRUCTORS--CROW, WARNER)

GRAPHICS DESIGN: Learn how to design graphics for a variety of industries and usages. (INSTRUCTOR--KINKEL)