Friday, September 19, 2014

April Boston Brooke Hurm
Emitt Bryant Brooke McCormick
Holly Purtell Adina Myers
Jared Blackstone Emily Hayden
Jessica Cox John Harvell
Tonya Hooper Kaitlin Crawford
Josh Dockall Samantha Griffen
Steve Johnson Claire Hardi
Denise Feldmeyer


AGRICULTURE:  Learn a variety of aspects about Agriculture such as Land and Turf Management, Ag Mechanics, Animal Care.  (INSTRUCTORS--STEVENS & GAGE)

ATHLETIC TRAINING:  Learn various methods and treatments for Athletic Injury and Prevention.  (INSTRUCTOR--BOBIER)

BROADCAST TECHNOLOGY:  Learn about Broadcast Industry, recording video, editing and develop MTV show for campus.  (INSTRUCTOR--TANG)

BUSINESS:  Learn about basic business principles and career preparation.  (INSTRUCTOR--MILLER)

COMPUTER MAINTENANCE & REPAIR:  Learn the inner workings of a computer, how you can fix and install various soft and hardwares.  (INSTRUCTOR--LEIN)

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION:  Learn how to safely care for infants, toddlers and various careers related to Early Childhood. (INSTRUCTOR -- WARNER)

CULINARY ARTS: Learn basic cooking preparation skills. (INSTRUCTORS--CONTRERAS & ROBBINS)

EDUCATION PROFESSIONS:  Learn about the profession of education, what it takes to become a teacher of various grade levels.  (INSTRUCTORS--CROW, WARNER)

GRAPHICS DESIGN: Learn how to design graphics for a variety of industries and usages. (INSTRUCTOR--KINKEL)