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The following information was compiled to assist you in your search for scholarships.  There is a great amount of information through the following web sites, but be aware of the personal information you give and also no payment should be required for a scholarship. DO NOT GIVE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!!


Application Fees   Other fees   Guaranteed winnings

Everybody is eligible   Typing and spelling errors   Unsolicited opportunities

No contact information   Mail drop for a return address Operating out of a residence

Pressure Tactics    High success rates   Masquerading as federal agency  

Excessive hype   Disguised advertising     A newly-formed company

  If You Suspect a Scam

Save all forms, contact information.  Take notes during any seminar or phone conversation.  Record the date, time and phone number and the person’s name.  Report the suspected scammer to any of the following organizations: 

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  1-877-382-4357 Web:
Better Business Bureau (BBB)  7-703-276-0100 Web:

National Fraud Information Center (NFIC)  Web:   1-800-876-7060




College Board

College Net

Scholarship Search


College Answer
Colleges, Scholarships & Online Degrees
National Relief Charities

Scholarships for Hispanics

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Hispanic College Fund

Hispanic Assoc of Colleges and Universities

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Scholarships for all Students Regardless

of Immigration Status

Scholarships for African American

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

Common Black College Application/Scholarships
Military Scholarships, 

American Indian College Fund (AICF)

and the Tribal

Notes for Seniors...

~  If you are planning to attend an Arizona Private School/College after graduation you may be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship. Some of the schools participating in the program are: Apollo, Arizona Automotive Institute, Arizona Culinary Institute, Collins College, Kaplan College, ITT, Pima Medical Institute, and UTI. See the Guidance Office for a full list and an application.

~  If you are planning to attend a Maricopa County Community College in the fall and have been in the top 15% of your class in either the 6th, 7th, or 8th semester, see your Guidance Counselor about the President's Scholarship. This is a full tuition waiver, but YOU MUST APPLY for it.



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