Need to call your student in absent?  

Call 623-932-7400, wait for the prompts, and dial extension 14001 or 14002. 

Please leave the following information on the message line:

·   Student ID#  

·   Student’s Name (spell last name) 

·   Parent/Guardian’s name  

·   Contact phone #  

·   Reason for absence   


Welcome to the Attendance Office Website

A student is NOT EXCUSED  in the following situations

* Failure to attend school without proper authorization, * Leaving school without signing out through the attendance office, * No parental notification given to the school for the student's absence, * Unauthorized absence from a class, * Missing the school bus.  

Attendance Office Procedures

* On the day of the absence, a parent/ legal guardian must notify the school's attendance office.  Notes from parent/ guardian will also be accepted, but must be presented to the attendance office UPON RETURN TO SCHOOL

*Students arriving on campus after the tardy bell rings must report to the attendance office.  A late arrival to school may also be excused if a parent calls in, provides a note, or accompanies the student to the attendance office.  These excused tardies will be limited to five (5) per semester.  All others will be considered unexcused and students will be sent to tardy sweep.

* Students who have 10 consecutive days of absences in all classes WILL BE DROPPED from school for non-attendance.

*Students who have permission to leave campus during the school day MUST SIGN OUT THROUGH ATTENDANCE before leaving.

*Pursuant to “ARS 15-803B” AFUHSD requires students be in attendance for 90% of classes. Therefore students who have 10 absences (excused or unexcused) may be ineligible for credit.