Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

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For questions regarding the 2013-2014 Spiritline season or Spiritline tryouts, please contact

Coach Renee'


Spiritline Coach






AFHS Spiritline Tryouts for 2013-2014



Prior to Tryouts:


**You will need to complete a physical and turn in an athletic packet to the AFHS athletic office.  They will give you a pink slip to bring to the first day of tryouts.


**You will need to complete a spiritline packet.  Read through the packet with your family, and have 4 character evaluations filled out by your teachers


**You will also need to complete the new district spiritline handbook (we will use the AFUHSD Cheer evaluation forms only.  Disregard the Pom evaluation forms).


Tryout Information:


**The first day of tryouts, you will be in the dance room at AFHS.  You will hand in character evaluations in sealed envelopes (or they will have already been emailed/placed in your coach's mailbox prior to this date.)  You will turn in signed copies of "AFUHSD Spiritline Handbook Acceptance Form" and "AFHS Commitment Agreement".  You will also hand in your pink slip that was given to you after turning in your athletic packet/physical information to the AFHS athletic office.  On this date, you will learn a dance combination, run the mile and learn a cheer.  You will also learn the technique that will need to be executed for your evaluation.


**The second day of tryouts, you will be in the dance room at AFHS. You will very briefly review the material, and then will be evaluated in groups of 3-4.  DO NOT leave until you have been excused.  Many groups and individuals will be asked to things more than once.


After Tryouts:


**If you are chosen to be on Spiritline, you will find your name under the "Roster" link of our webpage.  If you are not chosen for the team, students are welcome and encouraged to meet with your coach any time after the following Wednesday of tryouts to review evaluation sheets and scores.


**Please also note a game day clothing deposit of $450 will be due at your first practice on June 4th to be used towards camp and clothing costs. You will also be asked to pay an athletic participation fee to the athletic office prior to checking out a uniform. 



Tryout Packet information is available under the "Useful Links" tab.  If you do not have publisher, you will not be able to view the cover page which is an overview of information already available on this website.  Additionally, you will be unable to view the practice calendar, and fees page.  We have attached a word document with this information for you, although it may be difficult to read/print.