Summer Conditioning

Summer Conditioning and Development Camp

Low-mileage and speed-oriented

Program Goals:

 ü   The goal of this program is to provide both beginner and experienced athletes an instructional and motivational running clinic designed to fine tune their running skills, promote beneficial running habits, and to prevent injury.

  ü  Instruction is individualized to accommodate and improve the skill of each athlete.

  ü  The program emphasizes team dynamics to set goals and relationships that influence and motivate athletes.

Program Highlights:

  ü  Daily runs designed to increase endurance, speed, and stamina.

  ü  Biomechanics analysis designed to increase performance and prevent injury.

  ü  Weight training designed to improve muscular endurance.

  ü  Sports nutrition designed to educate healthy eating habits.

ü  Sports psychology designed to educate athletes on the mental skills need to compete.