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Class Schedule:

Block 1: English III

Block 2: English III

Block 3: Speech and Debate

Block 4: Plan


Speech and Debate:


Speech and Debate is a one-semester course involves students in the practice of composing and delivering various types of speeches and debates, both formal and informal.  We also incorporate a comprehensive study of communication, focusing on effective communication skills in various modes (i.e. small and large groups, one-on-one, etc.). 


Assignments, both written and spoken, focus on critical thinking and analysis.   Written assignments stress the writing process and 6 Traits of writing (Ideas and Content, Organization, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, and Conventions).  The following is a general outline of the major units we study.  The course content may vary to meet the needs of this particular group. 


  • Types of communication
  • Speech organization and writing--Persuasive, Expository, Demonstration, Impromptu
  • Skills for effective public speaking
  • Oral interpretation
  • Debate, Student Congress

Mr. Vernier is originally from southeast Michigan. He moved to Arizona in the summer of 2007 to teach English.