English 1A/1B Syllabus

Room B13

 Instructor:  Mrs. Reyna

Phone:  623-932-7400 ext. 14063

Emails:  creyna@aguafria.org

Class Schedule:

  Block 1   Honors English 1A/1B

Block 2 English 1A/1B

  Block 3 Plan

  Block 4 Honors English 1A/1B

Office Hours:  7:45-3:30 or by appointment

Course Description/Overview

English 1A/1B is a year-long course that provides an introduction to the more complex concepts required of the high school student.  Instructional emphasis is placed on reading comprehension, grammatical principles, study skills, vocabulary and spelling improvement, and writing techniques.  In addition, the student is introduced to the library.  (2007-2008 Course Description Book 21)


·   The student will learn how to read and how to discuss literature (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Drama) appreciatively and critically.

·   The student will learn how to write about literature clearly, using secondary sources (i.e. library and internet) and by using your own judgment.

·   The student will learn how to correctly apply the standard conventions of the Modern Language Association and 6-Trait Writing to their work.


Writing Standards

  Strand 1:  Writing Process

  Strand 2:  Writing Components

  Strand 3:  Writing Applications


Reading Standards

  Strand1:  Reading Process

  Strand 2:  Comprehending Literary Text

  Strand 3:  Comprehending Informational Text

Course Work:

The primary focus of English 1 is to develop a foundation for the appreciation and study of literature and writing.  Throughout the course of the year we will study various genres of literature including Fiction (short stories and novels), Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Drama.  We will also be working on a variety of writing formats such as expository and persuasive essays, literary analysis papers, research papers, personal narratives, and technical writing.  Various papers, projects, and/or tests will be assigned as a means to assess the student’s learning.

Course Content:

Our units of study will be broken down by genre beginning with Fiction (Short Stories) and ending with Drama.  Not only will we be studying various works of literature, but we will also be looking at the author’s of the works, their lives and accomplishments, and the influence of particular historical events and social factors that may have influenced the work as well.  The following is a brief sketch of the order of the different units that we will be studying. The order of this list is by no means definitive and is subject to change throughout the year.







Semester 1

·   Elements of Writing & Introduction to Analyzing Literature

·   Novel Unit 1 & Elements of Research & Narrative Writing

·   Novel Unit 2 & Expository/Literary Analysis Writing

Semester 2

·   Poetry & Literary Analysis Writing

·   Drama & Persuasive/Literary Analysis Writing

·   Novel Unit 3 & Elements of Research & Persuasive/Functional/Literary Analysis Writing

Course Material

You will be required to bring the following materials to class with you each day:

  • Composition notebook
  • The book that we are currently using
  • Lined Paper for note taking and assignments
  • Writing utensils (pens or pencils dark colors only)
  • Your VHS planner
  • Your English Folder (A 3-ring binder with dividers or a folder with pockets that is used exclusively for English preferably 1 inch)


The student’s grade will be based upon the amount of points that have been accumulated throughout the semester.  Points can be earned through tests, papers, projects, and daily assignments. The student earns their grade, I do not give them. Grading will be done using the standard AFUSD grade scale.


  A   100-90

  B   89-80

  C   79-70

  D   69-60

  F 59-Below


ACADEMIC DISHONESTY (Plagiarism and Cheating)

Academic dishonesty is any form of cheating of misrepresentation of one’s work and it includes but is not limited to the following:

·   Sharing or receiving of questions/answers on tests and/or homework assignments without expressed teacher approval.

·   Using a source specifically not allowed for a school assignment, quiz, test, or examination.

·   Using technological or electronic resources unethically.

·   Copying written information or works of art or music without giving credit for the source (plagiarism).


Plagiarism, whether intentional or not, is a form of cheating.  Plagiarism will be considered as the use of another person’s original work, regardless of quantity (e.g., one sentence, paragraph, entire text, or product) whether done deliberately or not.  In using quotation/citations from the work of another individual, students will be required to follow the teacher’s instructions and grading rubric for each assignment.


If a teacher determines that plagiarism or cheating has occurred, academic sanctions and disciplinary consequences will be implemented.  Such consequences may include, but are not limited to the following:

·   No credit for assignment

·   Failure of entire course and removal from the class

·   Revocation of NHS membership

·   Loss of honors privileges and recognition

·   Detention/suspension  (Verrado Student Handbook)

If you are caught plagiarizing, you will receive a zero on the assignment and a referral to the office where your parents will be contacted.

Class Rules:

  • Students will be respectful, responsible, and mature.
  • Attendance is critical and mandatory.
  • Students are expected to come to class each day prepared and ready to learn.
  • Students participate and hand in work on time.
  • Students should have a positive attitude.
  • Students should keep all comments respectful and tasteful.
  • If caught cheating, all parties involved will receive a zero.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices should be silent and unseen.  Detentions will be given for noncompliance.
  • Eating (including gum chewing) and drinking is permitted in class under the following conditions:
    • Drinks have a lid or be able to be sealed—no cans or cups.
    • Food is permitted as long as you clean up after yourself—do not leave a mess!
    • Gum is permitted as long as it stays quietly in your mouth—please do not blow bubbles, snap your gum, leave the wrapper, or leave the gum in any place but the trash.
  • Students need to stay in their assigned seat in order to make the classroom a learning conducive environment.


***If drinking, eating, or chewing gum becomes a problem for a class, the privilege will be revoked for the remainder of the semester.



As freshmen in high school and as addressed in the Class Rules, I expect everyone to act in a mature and responsible manner.  If an inappropriate disruption occurs, students will be subject to the following disciplinary procedures:


1st Offense Warning

2nd Offense   Disciplinary measures will be at my discretion, depending on the act and the situation.


***With major problems, the discipline measures found in the Verrado High School Student Handbook will be followed.

What to Do When You Finish Early:

When you finish an assignment or class work early, rather than talking to someone next to you, sleeping, or using an electronic device please do one of the following:

· Read a novel that you brought, something for another class, or book from the shelf.

· Finish working on an English-related assignment (or begin if you were absent during this week).

· Work on an assignment for another class.


Please be productive and not a distraction!!!


As outlined in the class rules, attendance is mandatory and critical to success in this class.  However, I understand that you may not be in every class.  If you are absent, please make sure that you do the following:

· Check the Absent folder in the back of the room.

· Take an assignment if needed.

· Ask a friend if you have questions before you ask me. 

Late Work:

Students at Verrado High School are expected to turn in all assignments on time. Students involved in extra-curricular activities that interfere with being in class still have the responsibility to complete and turn in assignments on time or at the time designated by the teacher.  Points will be deducted as follows:

If turned in Late One or more days: 50% Deduction

All students have the opportunity to turn in Late Assignments until the end of a particular unit (usually, the day of the unit test). Pink slips will be given for any missed assignment. If given 3 or more pink slips a parent signature will be required in order to turn in late work.  After that deadline has passed, assignments from the previous unit will not be accepted and a zero will be scored in the grade book.




Exceptions to the late work policy include excused illnesses/absences or circumstances that have been discussed with me before the due date.  Assignments may be turned in by hand or emailed to me at:


***All Students are issued an official school email address.  USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS when emailing assignments or questions. Due to the District’s filtering system, we sometimes do not receive emails from outside addresses.  As a result, there is a chance that we may not receive your emailed assignment.  In such cases, students are still responsible for getting the assignment in to me by the due date or else points will be docked. 




When a student is absent from school for whatever the reason he/she has that number of days he/she was absent to make-up missed class work. If the absence is excused, then full credit will be granted.  Full credit will not be awarded for an assignment if the absence is unexcused.


Absent 1 day=1 day to turn in everything

Tardy Policy

A student shall be considered tardy if he/she is not in their seat when the tardy bell stops ringing. To reduce the number of classroom interruptions and students loitering on campus during class-time, a Tardy Sweep is in place.


Students arriving on campus after the first period tardy bell rings must report to the attendance office.  A student with a legitimate note from a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc., may be excused.  A child’s late arrival to school may also be excused if a parent calls in, provides a note, or accompanies the student to the attendance office.  These excused tardies will be limited to five per semester.  All others will be considered unexcused and students will be sent to tardy sweep.


1.   A warning bell will ring one minute prior to the tardy bell.

2.   When the tardy bell stops ringing, any student not in his/her assigned classroom is to proceed immediately to the “sweep room.” No student shall be admitted late to class without a legitimate pass.

3.   School personnel will “sweep” the campus every period and send or escort any students not in possession of a legitimate pass to the “sweep room.”

Consequences of Being “Swept”:

Sweep 1-5:  Student shall report to the sweep room.  Student tardy will be logged into the system.  Student will remain in the sweep room for the entire period.

Sweep 6:  Student shall report to the sweep room.  Student tardy will be logged into the system.  Student will conference with an administrator and be placed on a behavior contract. 

Sweep 7-8:  Student shall report to the sweep room.  Student tardy will be logged into the system.  Student will conference with an administrator.

Sweep 9:  Student shall report to the sweep room.  Student tardy will be logged into the system.  Student will conference with an administrator and parents will be notified by phone call.

Sweep 10: Student shall report to the sweep room.  Student tardy will be logged into the system.  A parent meeting will be established to discuss student’s educational options.


Bottom-line: Be on time to class and working as soon as the bell rings.


Leaving Class

Being in class is imperative to success in this course.  As a result, you need to be in class as much as possible.  I do realize that situations arise where you need to leave class (bathroom, drink, etc.). 


Each student may leave class up to 8 times per semester.  After the Eighth time, you may leave, but you will have to serve a detention.  Please see me after class if a medical condition needs to be discussed.  EXTRA CREDIT (up to 8 points) will be awarded for students who do not leave the class throughout the semester.  E.g. student has 3 bathroom trips remaining = 3 extra credit points.


A student may leave class only if they have their student pass signed by myself, pass will be relinquished upon returning. 


If this privilege becomes abused, you will forfeit your right to leave class.


If you have any questions concerning the course, you may contact me before or after school 623-932-7400 ex 14063 or by email at creyna@aguafria.org.


I wish you all the best of luck, not just for this class, but in everything you do this year and at Verrado.  I will expect you to work hard for me this year and because of this I will work hard for you to try to make this both a fun and rewarding year for you!


Buena Suerte! Bonne Chance! Viel Glück! Buona Fortuna!

Mrs. Reyna