Tracey Grimsley, Read 180 and ELL

  • Welcome to Read 180!
    My name is Tracey Grimsley, and I have been teaching Reading at Millennium High School for 8 years.  I have been in the district for 15 years.  There are two levels of Read 180:  Basic and Intermediate.  Both classes target students that are reading below grade level.  I am the ELL (English Language Learner) coordinator on campus and am responsible for assisting all of the students that do not speak English in their classes. I also Coach Freshman girls basketball here at Millennium.

    Room:  215

    Extension: 2164

    Google Classroom Codes:
    Intermediate Read 180:  36nk0l     1st period
    Basic Read 180:   r15mpa7  5th, 6th period
    Advisory:  2gmrzh   7th period