Key Club Accomplishments

  • As of the month of November 2009, Desert Edge Key Club has volunteered at events.
    Events are listed by most recent. 

  • Riverside Clean Up

    Key Club worked really hard at this event.  In an effort to help the enviroment, we volunteered to clean up the river.  It was sad to see how much it was polluted.  We found things from beer bottles and tires, to rusty grills and even old dolls!  Many dead fish were found laying on the ground.  Everyone wore gloves and carried a trash bag.  We effectively, but safety picked up trash that would be hazardous to the area.  Unfortunately, two hours into the work, it started to rain and we had to leave.  After this event, we all have realized how important it is to conserve nature. 

  • Native American Festival

    After we came back from winter break, Key Club  participated in the Goodyear Native American Festival.  We had such fun helping out! We were assigned to be "booth-sitters".  Members walked around the festival holding signs, waiting for a booth owner to call for our services.  Whenever a booth owner needed a bathroom break, they would give us a call and we would watch over their booth until they returned.  When we are not working, we enjoyed the festival. We had fried bread, ribbon fries, honey roasted nuts and even got a chance to watch the tradition dances!  People that owned booths displayed their art work.  The pieces were diverse.  Some artists displayed their photography, others showed their clay figures, and number of artists designed traditonal jewlery.  Every artist had their own styles, but everything was beautiful!  

  • Toys R Us Event

    During the Holiday season, Key Club had the opportunity to go shopping for misfortunate children.  We met up at Toys R Us and was organized into groups.  Each group was given a wishlist from a child and we began our toy hunt! 

  • Christmas in the Park - Goodyear  

    During the Christmas in The Park event, Key club members voulenteered to help out at different tents. Some members helped setting up games, helped kids with Arts and Craft and even got to work with Santa! Children loved taking pictures with Santa. Many children took part in playing games and woncandy.

  • Relay for Life

    Relay for Life was such a heartwarming event.  Sponsored by The American Cancer Society, this event was to remember those who lost their lives in the fight against cancer.  Many other clubs participated in this event by setting up booths that sold goods in order to raise money for surviving cancer patients.  Key Club set up a tattoo/face painting/hair coloring booth.  We all helped by sticking on tattoos and coloring hair while Mrs. Nilsson did all the face painting.  Later that night, we had a Walk of Slience where all the lights were turned off and everyone took a silent lap to remember and honor cancer victims.  Illuminaries were lit up, spelling out the words "HOPE" then they were rearranged to spell the words "CURE".  In that event, as a whole, we raised over $23,000.

  • Kids Triathlon

    Key Club's third event was a blast!  We got to help set up a triathlon that was just for children.  The experience was amazing. We had the oppurtunity to see amazing young atheletes compete.   All the children seemed very pumped and anxious to start.  Everyone who participated was a winner.  Members of Key Club handed out medals to these hardworking kids.  After the competetion, Key Club members helped serve refreshments and handed out water.  When the day was done, we lended a hand in cleaning up.  We had so much fun that day.

  • Youth Summit at Premier High School 

    Our second event was a fun and education experience.  It was held at Premier High School and it was an event that was meant to teach teenagers about having healthy relationships.  The best part was when teams battled out in a Singing/Dancing number to demonstrate the types of unhealthy relationships.  Watch the Performances Here!

  • Triathlon at Luke Air Force Base

    This was Key Club's first volunteer event.  We got to watch and help amazing athletes complete a triathlon, a combination of running, swimming and biking at a single event.  It was a great experience to be in the presence of such determined and strong people.  We had lots of fun at our first event and was bubbling with excitement for our next event!