Letter from the Superintendent

  • January 12, 2022

    Hello Students, Parents and Community-

    Happy New Year to the West Valley from Agua Fria High School District! I am not sure where the tradition/custom of creating resolutions for the new year originated. But with the start of 2022, comes the opportunity to reset, refocus energy, and declare goals. After my first six months serving our community, I have listened and learned a lot. So, in the spirit of creating resolutions, and as the leader of the district, I would like to share my community goals for 2022. 

    Communicate Who We Are (and Who We Are Not)

    National news often focuses on stories about divisive issues in faraway places, which do not resemble what we are doing here in our district. So, I will share who we are (and who we are not) throughout the year. This will include clearly stating our values and beliefs as educators as well as how we are different from other districts around the state and nation. 

    Strengthen Our Commitment to Parents as Partners

    In other parts of the country, parents and school districts seem to be working against each other instead of being partners in education. At Agua Fria High School District, we firmly believe that parents matter. We recognize the incredible importance of working together to ensure every student has a pathway to their dreams. In addition to learning the three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic), we are committed to building character in our kids so when they become adults, they have learned honor, integrity, and value an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.  

    Earn and Keep Trust 

    I think most will agree that being trustworthy is a must-have quality in one’s character.  As such, the district is committed to being transparent, honest, and - most of all - fiscally responsible to each and every taxpayer. We will operate within our means and provide clear, understandable communications about our finances without too much bureaucratic jargon. We recognize and respect that the taxpayers entrust the district to be responsible for the funds we receive and promise to be good stewards of every penny.

    My mom always told me it is much easier to create goals than to keep them. So, I will hold the district and myself accountable to the community by providing monthly updates on the progress regarding these goals. Coming in February, information will be shared about what and how we teach and what is not part of our curriculum and classroom practices. 

    Here’s where I need your help. Please provide me with feedback after every monthly update. Your input will help shape the future of education and create the best high school district in the nation. I can be reached at myslas@aguafria.org

    Happy New Year.

    Superintendent Mark Yslas 


Superintendent Mark Yslas

Mark Yslas

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