• March  15, 2023

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    The Agua Fria Union High School District knows that providing a safe and friendly learning environment is the foundation of student success. Our comprehensive approach to school security includes increased access to mental health support, development of strong community partnerships and investment in on-campus safety equipment.

    Mental Health Support

    In July 2021, each of our five high schools employed two Student Support Specialists. These Specialists build relationships with our students in order to help them process the sometimes challenging and difficult circumstances facing our youth today. This support gives them the tools and techniques they need to grow into stronger and more confident young adults. 

    Security Personnel 

    • As of Fall 2022, the District has hired a School Resource Officer (SRO) at Canyon View High School. Now all five campuses have a dedicated SRO every day. 
    • The District invested an additional $375,000 to hire three more security guards for each campus, increasing the number from five to seven interior security guards.  
    • By Summer 2023, the District will invest an additional $200,000 to hire one more exterior security guard at each campus to patrol the parking lots and perimeters of each school.

    Safety Equipment 

    • The District recently invested $1.2m to upgrade security at all campuses, including gates, doors, cameras and alarms. 
    • At a cost of approximately $500,000, the District recently purchased 21 weapons detectors that are currently being installed at entry points on each campus.

    Community Partnerships

    Working with local law enforcement agencies and neighboring school districts, Avondale Elementary and Litchfield Elementary, our District hosted the Southwest Valley Schools Safety Summit on February 14, 2023. The Summit addressed school safety and best-practice protocols throughout the region. 

    Please know the Agua Fria High School District is committed to the health and safety of our students, our teachers, our administrative staff and our community. 


    Mark Yslas

Letter from the Superintendent

Superintendent Mark Yslas

Mark Yslas

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