• Plan-It club was established in 2014.  It's purpose is to bring awareness and create change in our community and on our campus that would make us more environmentally responsible and sustainable.  Some of our previous projects/activities are as follows:

    -Created a commercial to bring awareness about the usage of plastic water bottles.

    -Designed and created a Sonoran Desert Garden that was installed on DE's campus.

    -Designed and installed a passive rainwater harvesting system to water plants in the Sonoran Desert Garden.

    -Helped design and install a fruit tree orchard.

    -Sold custom DE reusable water bottles to discourage disposable water bottle usage.

    -Every year members attend a field trip to the Biosphere free!

    -Gave a presentation on composting to an inclusion elementary school class.

    -To Be Continued...

  • Club Sponsor
    Ruben Carroll
    (623) 932-7500 ext. 3057

Planet Earth
  • Meetings will be held virtually every Wednesday.