Curriculum & Instruction

  • The Agua Fria Union High School District is dedicated to preparing students to be lifelong learners, to think critically, and to value themselves and others.  To this end, the district's educational programs are focused on the needs of the student, recognizing that student success is essential.  A strong emphasis is placed on the skills of reading, mathematics and writing.  The curriculum also provides a wide array of science, social science, international language, health, physical education, fine arts.   In the spirit of addressing national school-to-work goals, career and technical education courses focus on major career pathways.

Operating Principle

  • The National, State and District Standards serve as a platform from which assessments, curriculum maps and instruction have been developed. Furthermore, with the use of technology to analyze data, we are a data-informed culture which drives our decisions resulting in student achievement. 

Curriculum & Instruction Staff

  • Dr. Grant Conway
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    (623) 932-7107

    Rachel Gross
    District CTE Content Specialist

    Micaella Butterfield
    District ELA Content Specialist
    (623) 932-7345

    Joe Werner
    District Math Content Specialist
    (623) 932-7043

    Delsey Olds
    District Science Content Specialist
    (623) 932-7028

    Lauren Owens
    District Technology Content Specialist
    (623) 932-7026