• The winners are now posted on the STEMCon X website: STEMCon X Winners 
    • All of the Curie Division winners will go on to compete at the state level Science and Engineering Fair! :)
    You can go back and view any of the live events here: STEMCon X Live Event Archive
    You can also view all submitted student projects here: Student Project Galleries
    LAST BUT NOT LEAST.... A HUGE Shoutout to the STEMCon Committee, who put countless hours into making this event run smoothly. If you see (virtually or in-person) any of these humans, please give them a thank you and congratulations!
    • Student Committee Members: 
      • Caden Lipsky (CVHS)
      • Bianca Perez (MHS)
      • Cyra Holmes (CVHS)
      • Alex Burton (MHS)
    • Teacher Committee Members:
      • Patrick Nightingale (AFHS)
      • Thasanee Morrissey (CVHS)
      • Allison Payenski (DEHS)
      • David Wirth (MHS)
      • Jackie Lewis (VHS)
    • District Committee Members:
      • Lauren Owens 
      • Joe Werner 
      • Micaella Butterfield
      • Rachel Gross