• I hope all of you had a great summer.  As you all get started with tryouts/practices, I wanted to make you aware of the District Heat Protocol that I must adhere to for all outdoor activities. Before you all email me back and ask "What is a Wet Bulb Globe Temperature" or say "This is for Football", yes it is geared most towards football, due to the amount of gear they wear.  The Wet Bulb Globe Temp is the measurement of a combination of the air temp and the relative humidity along with some other factors.  That being said, I am responsible for regularly monitoring the wet bulb reading and making the required modifications for practices to keep our athletes safe.  I have already begun to take these readings for football practices and will continue to take them for everyone else starting 8/6/18 starting after school around 3:00 PM until around 6:00 PM(throughout football practice).    
    If your practice times fall within the above mentioned window, I will text you and let you know what accommodations/cancellations should be made to your practices.If your practice times fall outside of this window or your practices are conducted off campus, you can monitor air temp and humidity with any good weather app on your phone.  Remember, temperatures will be lower in the early morning/late evening, but the humidity will be higher, which is the real danger.  
    I am also attaching a copy of the NOAA Heat Index Chart (not as accurate as the Wet Bulb Temperature, but it is pretty close) and a chart listing the signs/symptoms of Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke and the treatment for both should you be practicing outside normal training room hours, off campus or on the weekend.  Also, remember if the heat is intolerable for you, it is much worse for your athletes so please use your best best judgement when conducting practices.
    Lastly, please make sure your athletes are drinking plenty of water before, during and after practice to make sure they are staying well hydrated during these first few weeks of getting used to the heat.  They should also be doing their best to hydrate during the school day and at home as well.  Also, please remind your athletes to eat a good lunch and some type of snack before practice, so that they have some type of fuel source to get them through their workouts.  This will help eliminate a lot of the upset stomachs and vomiting that may occur due to having nothing in their stomachs for the acids to break down.  
    If you have any questions or concerns, especially those of you who will be practicing off campus, please feel free to text, call, email or come see me in person and we can talk about them.  Good luck this season and stay safe!!
    Fernie Alvidrez
    Athletic Trainer
    AFHS Athletic Training Program