Power Hour

What is Power Hour?

  • Students have a one-hour lunch every day except for Wednesdays and early release days.  

    What to do during Power Hour?

    • Eat
    • Attend club and sports meetings
    • Conduct school business (Bookstore, Athletics, Guidance office, etc.)
    • Meet with counselors for group sessions and academic questions
    • Meet with career specialist
    • Attend college visitation meetings
    • Attend AP study groups and performance practices
    • Meet with teachers for Office Hours


    Office Hours are mandatory lunch tutoring for 30 minutes.  If you are receiving a 69% or lower in your class(es), you will be required to attend Office Hours.
    What does this mean?

    • During Power Hour, you will have 30 minutes of Office Hours and 30 minutes for lunch.
    • Office Hours lasts a week for as long as your grade is a D or F.
    • Teachers may also assign day-to-day Office Hours if a student is missing an assignment.
    • Office Hours is for everyone.  Students do not need to be failing to attend Office Hours.  Any student may attend for extra help or to work on class work. 


    If Office Hours are required by more than one teacher, please follow the Office Hour Priority List in the order that is listed below.

    Office Hour Priority List

    1. Math
    2. English
    3. Science