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    This year at Verrado a number of our courses are implementing Standards Based Grading.  This is a grading method that is being used on all campuses in our district and in many other districts nationwide.  Standards Based Grading is a shift in grading practice that places the emphasis on mastering standards as opposed to accumulating points.  The video linked here provides a brief overview as to what Standards Based Grading is.  


    Standards Based Grading places an emphasis on assessing students to see what their level of proficiency is regarding specific Learning Targets.  Students have multiple opportunities to display their proficiency with the standards throughout the semester. As a result, the final grade for courses using a Standards Based Gradebook is a more accurate measure of the student's mastery of skills instead of an average of their level of compliance and how they perform on "one-shot" assessments.  A proficiency scale is used to convert the Standards Based Grading scores (0-4) to the traditional letter grade system (A-F) used by most post-secondary institutes. The AFUHSD conversion scale for courses using Standards Based Grading is linked here.


    Not all of our courses our currently implementing Standards Based Gradebook, however, a large number of our departments will implement this year.  Our goal is to have all of our courses implementing Standards Based Grading by the 20-21 school year. Below are the courses that are currently implementing Standards Based Grading:


    Algebra 2Biology

    US History Dance English 1/Honors 1 English 2/Honors 2 English 3/Honors 3 English 4/Honors 4 Visual Arts Show Choir Guitar Theater 1,2,3

    Tech TheaterAP Biology

    Beginning ChoirStudent GovernmentWorld HistoryAnatomy & Physiology


    This is new for our school and for our school community and one of our goals is to clearly communicate what is going on in all classrooms--especially our Standards Based Grading classes.  Verrado High School will put out a monthly "SBG Update" for parents and students. We plan to host a Standards Based Grading Night in September as well and AFUHSD is also providing resources in the Parent Hub that can be accessed at https://parenthub.aguafria.org/.


    We truly feel that this is a practice that is best for all students and will better support our students in developing into Leaders in Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication.  Should you have any questions please reach out to your student's teacher for course and grade book specific questions. The Administration team is also here to provide support should you have any questions regarding procedures or practice.


    Thank you!

    ONE Verrado