Aggie Waterman, Mathematics


    I am a self-motivated and highly organized person. I have lived in Poland, Germany, Oregon, Georgia, California, and now I live in Arizona. Traveling and living in different counties taught me to adapt quickly to a new environment and to be a tolerant and open-minded person. I take great pride in volunteering in many different areas, such as working with disabled children, adults, the library, and a school environment. I have a scientific mind. I also enjoy artsy-craftsy projects, which sustain my imagination and creativity. I enjoy learning on my own as much as working in teams. I am ethical and follow the rules of society.  I take great pleasure in spending time with my husband and my children.  Influencing and educating the young minds of children is a priority to me since I had become a mother.


    Math is essential, and it can be fun. My job as a math teacher is to introduce students to the world of numbers, formulas, and math theories.  As a successful teacher, I also have to make the process fun and exciting.  All my students will use math in the future despite their career choices, and it is my responsibility to make sure that they enjoy the numbers.

    I allow students to express their own identities and help them to overcome any challenges or conflicts they face. I do not allow judgment, stereotyping, or disrespect of any type.  My priority is to provide a safe environment with clearly set rules for mutual respect and cultural and gender openness. 

    I embrace diversity in all aspects – ethnicity, race, gender, disability, and socioeconomic background.  I believe in the success of all my students. I teach using different approaches and modify my lesson plan to fit the needs of the students. Math helps students to better understand the world around them. And by adopting diversity in-class curriculum, I also help them to understand people around them.


    I started my career in Business after receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing. I have been teaching for seven years.  I taught Math, ELA, Computer, Music, and Library Classes.  I started my teaching journey as an instructional aide.  Then I became a substitute teacher.  Now, I am finishing up my Master's Degree in Secondary Education and my first year as a Scorpion at Desert Edge High School. 


    • I am married and have two teenagers
    • Speak Polish, English, and a little bit of German and Russian
    • Hobbies: reading, solving math problems, traveling, baking, sailing, and meeting interesting people.

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