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  • Dear DE Community,

    Desert Edge is now providing access to Digital Theatre+ for our students and parents, a platform which hosts over 1300 curriculum-mapped resources for English, Drama and the Performing Arts, including high-quality filmed performances. We wanted to introduce you to the ways your child can engage with the platform at home.

    What is Digital Theatre+?
    Digital Theatre+ provides access to live theatre performances from around the world as well as interviews with industry professionals, backstage insights and study guides. Supporting a variety of learners of all ages and abilities, students are able to engage with both audio-visual and written materials to develop their knowledge and understanding of key texts. 

    What are the benefits of Digital Theatre+ for students?
    Students will have access, at home and in school, to over 450 performances, including the main texts they are currently studying at school. This means that, as well as reading the play text, they can watch performances to help them engage with the play in a different, exciting way, allowing them to deepen their understanding.

    With resources to develop analytical skills, students are encouraged to compare and contrast key scenes in performance as well as delve deeper into understanding language and linguistic devices. Quiz questions and study guides are available to download to engage students further and help prepare them for their final exams.

    Students can also go behind the scenes of some of theatre’s biggest shows by watching interviews with directors, actors and designers discussing their practice and methods. This also gives students the chance to learn about career opportunities from those with experience in the industry, highlighting all the roles available in the world of theatre and the arts.

    How can students engage with Digital Theatre+ at home?
    Digital Theatre+ can be accessed on multiple devices with the log in details given to your child. Productions are separated into acts, key scenes and speeches so students can easily navigate to the sections they are studying.

    They may be asked to watch a scene from a production or an interview for homework and revision purposes, but they are also free to search the site and discover new resources that may inspire and interest them. Each piece of content includes a list of related resources underneath for further study and is also signposted with content warnings if applicable.

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DT Limited to DE

  • DE students and parents will receive login information at the beginning of the school year.  Please do not share this information outside of the Desert Edge Community, as the number of licensed users is limited.

    If you need assistance accessing DT+, please contact Theatre teacher, Ms. Royal at