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    Standards-Based Grading or SBG measures what your student knows,  your student’s mastery of the essential standards for a class, or how well your student understands the material in class.  

    The class grade will be based on all of the evidence the teacher collects demonstrating mastery of the essential standards. 

    The Goal of Standards Based Grading (SBG):

    The goal of this approach is to establish a grading system that is fair and accurate, providing the teacher, student, and parent an accurate picture of the student’s learning and to encourage a dialogue about how the student can master the material for the class.  

    • SBG removes behavior from academic grades.
    • With SBG, learning is a process that takes place over time.
    • Each assessment will provide feedback for the student about what to focus on next.
    • The student will be allowed to retake assessments. If the new assessment shows a higher level of mastery, that new score replaces the old one. 
  • Separating Behavior from Grades

  • Reteach/Reassessment Expectations/Policy

  • Types of Assessments

  • Expectations for Teacher Communication

  • The Role of the Zero