Agua Fria Site Council

  • Agua Fria Site Council, or community forum is open to all parents and community members. The main focus is to exchange information about what is happening at Agua Fria High School. Members are encouraged to attend and your input is valued as we discuss things that impact our Campus. Thank you for your participation in education!


    Site Council meetings:  


    All Site Council meetings will be held at 5:00 to 6:00pm


    August 28, 2017                                 AFHS Library                                   


    *September 18, 2017                         AFHS Library                                   



    *October 2, 2017                               AFHS  Library                                   



    October 23, 2017                               AFHS Library                                    



    November 20, 2017                            AFHS Library                                                                                               


    January 22, 2018                                AFHS Library                                                                       


    February 12, 2018                              AFHS Library                                       


    March 19, 2018                                  AFHS Library                                       


    April 16, 2018                                     AFHS Library