Military Club

  • As Sponsor of the Military Club at DEHS, my mission is to provide information about all the U.S. military services to all students who are interested in learning. Hopefully, this candid, researched source of information will provide students interested in serving the military with better choices and options for their service. My goal is to educate and inform, not recruit. We will host returning/visiting military members who can share their experiences, watch videos, take field trips, and learn from articles and available literature. I will have succeeded if students get the service and career field of their choice and their expectations are fully met. As a 30-year military member, I know what a positive and rewarding career the military can offer. I bring my knowledge and experience to share and a forum where student questions and interests can be explored, discussed and shared. If you have questions about the club, please feel free to contact me.

  • Military Club Sponsor
    Larry Robb
    (623) 932-7500 ext. 3043

American flag and dog tags
  • Meetings will be held on Fridays during the 2nd half of Power Hour