Robert Borys & Idenna Russell, English

About Mr. Borys

  • This is my 16th year teaching at Desert Edge.  I have taught all four levels of English here at DE, but most of my experience has been teaching freshmen, specifically in a co-taught English Inclusion classroom.  I graduated from Arizona State with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Major in English Literature.  How long ago did I graduate from ASU, you ask?  Please, don't ask; it was a long, long time ago.  I also hold a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix, a more recent degree, a mere 13 years ago.
    My room is A-13.  So, if you need to see me that is where I'll be.  If I'm not there, I'm probably on a lake fishing.

About Mrs. Russell

  • Welcome to English II!

    Desert Edge is an exciting place to grow for both students and teachers. Education has been part of my professional journey for 23 years, working in administration and teaching students K – post-secondary. As a second-year DE Scorpion, I am excited to help students in a co-taught English Inclusion classroom. I am a Salem State University graduate with a Bachelors of Educational Studies, holding a Master of Science Administration and discovering a new love for education in a Masters in Special Education program at GCU.

    Laugh, Live and enjoy your journey of life, you can only grow from it.

Contact Mr. Borys

    (623) 932-7500 ext. 3136

Contact Mrs. Russell

    (623) 932-7500 ext. 3089

Office Hours

  • Wednesday

    10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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