• A little about the teacher:




          My name is Mrs. Engbring. or Mrs. E, whichever you prefer.  I’ve lived in Arizona forever, back when Metro Center was the Mall and cruzing Central was the thing to do on a Friday night. 


         I graduated from Cortez High School and continued my education at Glendale Community College earning my bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University.  I married my College sweetheart and worked as a Potter for years as I raised our four boys.  My functional and one of a kind Raku pieces can be found on display at galleries and major Art Festivals throughout the Southwest.   


         Upon accepting a position as an artist in residence for the Litchfield Elementary School my focus began to change to a teaching career.  My teaching started at Western Sky Middle School, in the Litchfield Elementary School District.   Loving it but still yearning for a focus on a Ceramics curriculum I accepted a position at Verrado High, teaching Fundamentals and Ceramics.  Which has proven to be tremendously rewarding!

         In my free time, I enjoy a good Art Festival, running my dogs, or Kayaking the Puget Sound. 


         Art and clay are my passion and I look forward to passing that on to all of you this semester!  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.




    Mrs. Engbring’s Art Classes

    Instructor:     Mrs. Engbring             dengbring@aguafria.org

    Classroom:    E14

     Welcome students and parents.  This Semester long class explores the process, skills, and techniques used in art.  Students learn how to organize, evaluate and interpret information.  They become adept at making decisions concerning materials and techniques.  Fundamentals units include Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Printing, and Crafts. Ceramic 1 units include hand building techniques, glazing and firing, Ceramics 2 units include advanced hand building and wheel throwing techniques. Students will need to remain on task to keep up with the class.

    Sketchbooks; each student will keep an ongoing sketchbook (these can be purchased in the bookstore).  Student sketchbooks will include sources of inspiration, vocabulary, reflections, research, working sketches and notes. 

    SUPPLIES; There is an Art Fee for all Art Classes.  This can be paid at the bookstore.  Class fees help to cover the cost of supplies for art classes.

    Grading; is done on a point basis determined by project rubrics, vocabulary and daily participation.  Artwork grades are determined by the completion of the objectives and not the student’s creative abilities, however improvement in artistic ability is the desired outcome.

    Attendance/Make-up Work:  Students are expected to attend every class. If an assignment (homework, test, quiz, lecture or project) is missed due to an excused absence, the student is granted two days for any make up. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any missed assignments before or after school.

    Class expectations and safety rules:  Students are expected to use their class time wisely, always try their best on all assignments, and cooperate with classmates and teacher.  The projects your student will be working on require the knowledge and safe use of tools and materials.  These tools may be hand operated or power driven.  Safety rules have been implemented to insure a safe and productive environment.  Students are required to follow all safety rules.