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    E-21 1st Block: ext. 14121

    E-4 2nd Block: ext. 14108

    E-22 3rd Block: ext. 14122

    E-4 4th Block: ext. 14108


    GOAL:  The goal of this course is to instruct the student into using graphic design to communicate with an audience and to influence a particular action or response. 


    COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Student will gain a knowledge set in the below:


    • Working with Text
    • Photo Manipulation
    • Formatting Characters & Paragraphs
    • Creating Templates & Forms
    • Lasso Tools
    • Painting & Editing

    • Using the File Browser
    • Basic Photo Corrections
    • Working with Selections
    • Layer Basics


    COURSE REQUIREMENTS:  Attendance is required as indicated in the student handbook:  10 absences from this course during the entire semester will result in failure.


    • Students need a notebook, writing utensil daily, and a thumb-drive (1 GB) DAILY. 
    • Respect for colleagues is required for all students.  A student who demeans the character or quality of another student’s work will be removed from the classroom.
    • All work must be submitted on time.  Late work will be penalized 20% daily.


    ASSESSMENT: Ongoing daily assessment is conducted for student participation and demonstration.  Points range from 1 - 20 points dependent upon the difficulty of the assignment.


    • Projects are due weekly/biweekly 50 points
    • Homework due EVERY Monday 10 points
    • Test due each Friday 100 points


    Grading Scale:    100-90% = A, 89% - 80% = B, 79% - 70% = C, 69% - 60% = D, else Failure