• High School #6 Planning Principal Jason Linn Wants YOUR input!

    Our feeder school elementary students from Desert Thunder, Copper Trails, Wildflower, and many more have started to give us their input on their future High School. We want YOUR input too! Help us in choosing the school name, colors, and mascot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the new school and when will it open?

    Agua Fria High School District is excited to begin the design and construction of a sixth high school. The 55-acre campus will be located in Goodyear, on the northwest corner of Cotton Lane and Van Buren.

    The school is open in phases due to limited funding. Phase one is planned to open to freshmen students in Fall 2025; the initial school capacity is 400 freshmen students. 

    If voters approve a bond in November 2023, the construction of subsequent phases will begin immediately. At build-out, the campus will accommodate 2000 high school students.

    What are the boundaries of the new high school and how will nearby high schools be affected?

    Construction of the new high school will help alleviate the overcrowding at our nearby high schools and support increased enrollment caused by the rapid residential growth in the area.

    The opening of a new high school will require the boundaries of existing high schools to be modified. The community is invited and welcome to be part of the decision-making process regarding boundary changes. In the spring of 2024, the Governing Board will update school boundaries.

    When will enrollment for the new school begin?

    Enrollment for the new high school will open beginning in December 2024 for the 2025-26 school year. Enrollment will be for incoming freshmen from the Class of 2029 only. 

    As an open-enrollment district, students are welcome to attend the new high school regardless of their home address. Open Enrollment applications can be submitted from December 2024 - January 2025.

    When will the new high school be entirely constructed and additional students accepted?

    A bond is needed to fully construct the new high school. Once a bond is passed by voters, it will take two or three years to finish the construction of the entire campus. As the construction progresses, a new freshman class will be added each school year. 

    What will phase one of the new high school include and when will construction begin?

    The campus will include all of the traditional elements of a high school like classrooms, sports fields, theater, cafeteria, gym, football stadium, library, and parking lots. However, the facilities will initially be built to accommodate only 400 students. The campus footprint will be expanded to accommodate additional students and programs, once a bond is passed by voters. Construction of Phase One is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2024 and conclude in July 2025.

    What will the new school look like?

    The new high school will be developed in collaboration with the community. Your input is wanted on the design of the campus, selecting the official school colors and mascot, choosing a name, etc.

    What type of educational offerings will the new high school provide?

    The new high school will provide a robust, tailored academic experience that will prepare students for the future of their choosing whether it is going to college or trade school, running their own business or working for someone, joining a branch of the military or in service to others. Through innovation, options, and flexibility, every student will have academic freedom in choosing a path to success.   

    The course description book can be found online: aguafria.org/page/8577

    If the bond doesn’t pass in 2023, what is the plan for the new high school?

    Until a bond is passed, the new high school will continue to operate at a limited capacity. The school cannot expand or accommodate increased enrollment without additional funds.