Richard Randell & Val Fornay, Mathematics

About Mr. Randell

  • I am originally from Ohio, about an hour east of Cleveland. I have lived there my whole life up until 5 years ago. I have a wife and two beautiful daughters that are 6 and 8 years old. I graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelors degree in December of 2013. I have served in the Army were  my job title was a 13foxtrot (field observer).  I have worked in many industries though out my life and some of them have been, service manager of a motorcycle shop, a team coordinator in a machine shop, a parts manager, and  also have  worked in maintenance. I have raced motorcycle and  I enjoy shooting pool, playing golf, and watching basketball, baseball, and football. I am a BIG Ohio State Buckeye fan and really enjoy Saturday game day. In Ohio I taught various levels of math, and this year I will be teaching Algebra II. I believe in Respect, Honor, Integrity and advocating for yourself. These are the things that are very important to me for high school, life and career. 

    For the year my goals are to help all students reach their highest potential and to show an improvement from the pre-test to post test. Remember math is about understanding what you are calculating.  

About Mr. Fornay

  • This is my 13th year co-teaching at Desert Edge High School. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago and my Master's Degree in Special Education from University of Phoenix. My expertise includes working with students displaying difficulties in math, reading and writing. I will be team-teaching during the 2018 -2019 school year with Mr. Randell for Algebra II  in room C 11.

    What is Co-Teaching? The collaboration between the general education teacher and the special education teacher for the teaching responsibilities of all students assigned to a classroom. 

    How? In a co-taught  classroom, both teachers share the planning, presentation, evaluation and classroom management in an effort to enhance the learning environment for all students.

    "To teach is to learn twice" by Joseph Joubert 

Contact Mr. Randell

    (623) 932-7500 ext. 3131

Contact Mr. Fornay

    (623 ) 932-7500 ext. 3082

Office Hours

  • M/T/Th/F
    11:41 a.m. to 12:11 9.m.

    A lunch, no office hours

Class Schedule for 2018-2019

  • Class Period 1st and 2nd Semester Classes
    1 Teacher Prep 
    2 Algebra II
    3  Algebra II
    4  Algebra II
    5  Algebra II
    6  Algebra II

    Advisory will take place on Wednesdays, after 1st period.