Summer School for Incoming Freshmen, Class of 2024

  • Incoming Freshmen can experience academic success  and earn up to .5 an elective credit through participation in one of the three  Summer School programs offered at Desert Edge High School.

    Summer Programs for Incoming Freshmen, Summer 2020

    Summer Success
    Students attend English and Math classes that establish foundational content skills, introduce the Advisory Program, establish effective study skills and discuss setting college and career ready learning goals.

    Summer Academy
    Designed for students who have been labeled Gifted or Talented, or who have successfully completed Honors middle school classes.  This academy emphasizing project based learning in English and Math, as well as, cultivates collaboration and leadership skills. 

    A teacher recommended program for incoming freshman who need additional support in foundational reading and math skills. Students who are recommended for this program by their 8th grade teacher will receive a letter indicating placement in Foundations.

    Classes offered:
    English  & Math Elective (.5 credit) 

    Registration begins: January 13
    Registration ends: Register early! 
    Applications for Summer School Enrollment will be included in the student registration packets.
    Online Enrollment will be available this year:     

    If you have any additional questions regarding the Summer Programs, review please feel free to call the District Summer School Office at Coldwater Academy  (623) 932-7106.