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Hybrid Learning Model Begins October 12th


Hybrid Learning Phase

As we return from Fall Break and enter the hybrid phase, please be sure that you are aware that we will return to our normal “early start” bell schedule on 10/12/2020. All students, both in-person and remote, will begin their school day at 7:15am. The dismissal bell will ring at 2:10pm.


COVID - Hybrid Procedures

Please visit Mr. Stevens' newsletter from 10/9/2020 for information on staff and student procedures as we enter the hybrid phase on 10/12/2020.  You can locate the newsletter HERE.


Hybrid Schedules and Lunch Assignments

On Monday, 12/12/20, and Tuesday, 10/13/20, we will be on a modified bell schedule for the purpose of allowing some brief orientation activities for our freshmen students. All on-campus students will report to their advisory class at the start of the day. Monday, 10/12/20, will be on-campus for Group A students and Tuesday, 10/13/20, will be on-campus for Group B students. As a reminder, Flex students are also assigned into Group A or B based on their last name. Flex students with last names beginning with A-L are Group A, and Flex students with last names beginning M-Z are Group B.

Modified Bell Schedule 10/12 and 10/13


Beginning on Thursday, 10/15/20, we will utilize our Hybrid Phase bell schedule. You can find this bell schedule at the following link:

Millennium Hybrid Bell Schedule


During the hybrid phase we will host two lunch opportunities each day for the purposes of COVID safety precautions. Students are assigned into either the first lunch or the second lunch based on the last name of their period 5 teacher. You can find the listing of first and second lunch teachers at the following link:

Millennium Hybrid Lunch Assignments


Group A/Group B/Flex Student Lookup

Click HERE to look up your assignment with your student ID number.


Groups are assigned alphabetically as a starting point. They are then adjusted on an individual basis to help balance class rosters. Prior to making those required adjustments, Group A will be students with last names beginning A-L and Group B will be students with last names beginning M-Z. Keep in mind though that this pattern will not hold for all students. You will be notified of your student’s group assignment during this upcoming week. Group A will attend class in-person on Mondays and Thursdays. Group B will attend class in-person on Tuesdays and Fridays. We have identified through ParentVUE all of the households where siblings have different last names. We have worked to ensure that all of those siblings are assigned into the same group. 


“Flex” students are those who have elected to remain as remote learners for the remainder of this semester. Flex students will also be designated as either Group A or Group B for the purpose of teacher instruction. This will be an important distinction as teachers will be delivering instruction in various forms. We want to be sure that our flex students continue to receive “live instruction” and feel connected to the class as a whole. Flex students will be assigned their group alphabetically as described above.


Hybrid Learning

AFUHSD has created two parent presentations about hybrid learning and a safe return to school. One is a Google Slides presentation and the second is a narrated version of the Slides presentation. These may help you determine which model to select, as well as inform you on the expectations and safety precautions of the hybrid learning option.

The links can be found at:

Return to School Safety Plan - Google Slides

Return to School Safety Plan - Narrated Google Slides