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Bennett Haskovec

Ben is the type of student every teacher hopes to have in their class. I taught Ben last year as a Junior and I was ecstatic to have him back because he is kind, hardworking, easy going and super smart. Anything I ask Ben to do, be it a new activity, a long writing assignment, reading a new book, he is absolutely game for and I have never heard him complain. He can talk to anyone in class and never hesitates to try and include his classmates during discussion. Lastly, he is so smart and capable. Selfishly, I am glad he chose the gen ed route for English so that I could keep him in my class, but I know he would have been very successful in an AP or IB class. Thankfully for me, Ben is a math guy so he has chosen more formidable math classes. In fact, I have heard his current math teacher say he is one of the most gifted students she has taught. I am not joking when I say, if my own son turned out to be like Ben, I would be very happy. ~Mrs. Adrian