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Course Selection in January

Registration Process for the 2019-20 School year:

Counselors will meet with students by grade level through the student’s English class to discuss credit requirements, career planning, and college readiness. Students are encouraged to make course selection decisions based on their future college and career goals.

The course selections provided to each grade level are based on the courses described in the AFUHSD Course Description Book. The annual course selection process enables us as a school to evaluate our student choices in developing our master schedule each year. Based on the number of students that select a course and the availability of qualified teacher personnel, the schedule for each school is then finalized. The overall goal is to offer every student courses that fit their interests and meet their personal goals. Since staffing of teachers is largely determined by the students’ course selections, students will be held to the courses selected, including alternates. There are only a few reasons in which schedule changes are allowed so be sure to think through your choices now!

Registration Dates:

January 7-11: Grade level presentations and elective/course rush during Power hour
     January 7 - Power hour presentation for freshman 2019-20 Registration
     January 8 - Power hour presentation for sophomores 2019-20 Registration
     January 10 - Power hour presentation for juniors 2019-20 Registration

January 15 - Counselors begin meeting with DE students to review course requests.

January 23: Scorpion Showcase for class of 2023

February 13: Course requests will be distributed for parent/guardian review. Changes to course requests must be submitted by February 15.