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We are a GOLD medal Beat the Odds high school, the only one honored in Arizona for the 2018-2019 school year

Desert Edge became involved with the Beat the Odds Institute in 2015. Beat the Odds is a rigorous, multi-year school improvement program providing mentoring and training for principals.  It focuses on K-12 schools where at least 50% of students are on free and reduced lunch and at least 50% are minority, primarily Latino.

The 6 keys of the Institute are:

  • a strong and steady principal,

  • a clear bottom line,

  • ongoing assessment,

  • collaborative solutions,

  • a programs built on individual student needs and

  • a commitment to stick with the program.

Beat the Odds helped lead the way and find the magic within Desert Edge itself.  It helped us focus on improving the things we could actually control that made a big difference in student achievement.  By focusing on internal improvements, successful schools do things differently and don’t make excuses.  External factors such as new policies or new requirements as “magic bullets” nor blamed factors such as demographics and economic status of the student population have no bearing  

As results of using these 6 Keys to Success, Desert Edge has overcome obstacles and improved academic performance while demonstrating that demographics does not determine destiny.  It is with great honor that we share with our community that Desert Edge High School earned the highest level of achievement in the Beat Odds program and attained gold-medal status and the Title of a “Beat the Odds School”.