Attendance Policy

    • Regular student attendance is necessary to provide the greatest opportunity for student academic success.

    • If you need to call in an absence for your student, please contact

    • 623-932-7300 ext. 1007 or 1008 and leave your student’s name, ID number, date, and the reason for the absence, and it will be processed as soon as possible.

    • Attendance Appeals will be held when a student misses 10 or more classes in a particular course.

    An Attendance Appeal could result in the loss of credit for the student. Please refer to the

    Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and review the district policy regarding attendance and tardiness.

Tardy Procedure

  • Tardies:

    • Students who are late to any class during the day may be marked tardy.

    • 5 tardies= warning, 6=detention, 9=owl overtime ( Wednesday detention) and 12=Saturday school.

Attendance Line: (623) 932-7300

  • Please include the following information when leaving a message regarding attendance:

    • Student's Full Name
    • Student's ID number
    • Parent/Guardian's name
    • Parent/Guardian's phone number
    • Reason for absence

Attendance Staff & Hours