Attendance Policy

  • Within 24 hours of student’s return of the absence, a parent/legal guardian must notify the school’s attendance office. Notes from parents/guardian will also be accepted but must be presented to the attendance office before the first scheduled class.  Students who have 10 consecutive days of absences in all classes will be dropped from school for non-attendance.  Students who have permission to leave campus during the school day must sign out through the attendance office.

Tardy Procedure

  • 1st and 2nd Offense: Teacher documents tardy, no consequences

    3rd, 4th, and 5th Offense:  For each tardy; teacher documents, contacts parents and detention assigned

    6th & 7th and 8th Offenses: Teacher writes a referral detailing parent contacts and detentions assigned. If referral cites parental contact and detentions assigned, 1 day of ISS. If referral does not cite parent contact and detention, referral returned

    9th & 10th Offenses: Teacher writes a referral; 2 days of ISS 

    11th + Offense: Admin. Closes classes for parent meeting

Attendance Line: (623) 932-7300

  • Please include the following information when leaving a message regarding attendance:

    • Student's Full Name

    • Student's ID number

    • Parent/Guardian's name

    • Parent/Guardian's phone number

    • Reason for absence

Attendance Staff & Hours


    Librada Perea

    (623) 932-7300 ext. 1008                    

    Iliana Ramirez

    (623) 932-7000 ext. 1007


    Hours: 7:00am - 3:00pm